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CHEC High School

One Day Hybrid- Monday

CHEC High School is comprised of 8th-10th graders. Our one day program meets Mondays 9am-3pm at CHEC Academy, students wear their assigned class t-shirt, and Wednesdays 9am-12pm virtually from home. 8th graders may choose to participate in our Junior High program OR our High School program. Our program offers students Algebra 1, Geometry, HS English 1, HS English 2 and Study Hall in addition to outside recreation and social time. 


CHEC High School helps families prepare to begin the college dual enrollment process after completing the pre-requisites of English I, Algebra I, and 2 high school electives. Juniors and Seniors that have been enrolled in CHEC for at least 2 years will have a customized program created for them including on the job training, dual enrollment, internships, college visits, mentorship programs, participation in The Presidential Service Award volunteer programs, Bright Futures guidance, HS transcript assistance and more.

Our HS follows the 32 week CHEC calendar designed for students to have opportunities to explore, learn, and grow, in a school like setting while allowing ample time to meet personal homeschool goals. 

Monday Classes

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Algebra 1 or Geometry

Elayn Martin-Gay’s student-centric approach is woven seamlessly throughout her texts and MyMathLab for School courses, giving students the optimal amount of support through effective video resources, an accessible writing style, and study skills support built into the program.

Students attend in person class on Mondays, and virtual class with their same math teacher on Wednesday morning. Virtual office hour also available for extra student support during the week.

Curriculum: Martin-Gay Algebra 1/Geometry, MyMathLab, Algebra 1/Geometry Video Organizer

High School English 1 or 2


English I students will dive into Lost Tools of Writing’s first book where they will learn new note taking techniques, essay styles, and build their confidence in writing.  They will continue their study of grammar with level 5 of the IEW Fix It! Grammar curriculum that focuses on the editing process to learn structure, vocabulary and grammar.  ​

English II students will complete the Lost Tools of Writing program with book 2 solidifying previously learned concepts and practicing more advanced techniques. Throughout the year they will read and write about literature selections, books, excerpts, articles and practice using and finding sources. English II is preparing our students for their dual-enrollment English Comp 1 and 2 classes.

*both classes have 2.5 hours of instruction each week with their teacher and approximately 2.5 hours of homework a week.


  • English 1 - IEW Fix It! Grammar - Level 5 Frog Prince, Lost Tools of Writing Level One, literature books

  • English 2 - Lost Tools of Writing Level Two, literature books

Students attend in person class on Mondays, and virtual class with their same english teacher on Wednesday mornings. 

Happy Student

Study Hall

A proctored study hall gives students a chance to complete some of their CHEC homework or out of CHEC work during their school time in order to allow more time after school for extracurriculars and sports. At this age, students tend to prefer working independently alongside their peers and are motivated to complete more work in less time. 

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