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Field Trips

In a time where social connection is being lost and replaced by technology, it’s imperative that we create times and spaces for children to connect with one another.  CHEC plans 2 large, all family field trips a year on a charter bus (such as Sea World, LegoLand, Kennedy Space Center) and 2 group field trips to the theater.  In addition, CHEC families value community and frequently get together in smaller groups for field trips around town, including visits to museums, the zoo, farms, indoor play areas, parks, the beach and so much more.



We celebrate the hard work of the community at Christmas time and at the End of the Year where the whole family and extended family is encouraged to come.  It takes a village to homeschool a child and these gatherings give us the chance to relax and be together on the journey.  


Friday Fellowships

Every month CHEC students and parents meet outside of CHEC to connect and fellowship in wholesome local activities. 

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