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CHEC Elementary

Our 32 week, two day a week CHEC Program is designed to provide students with opportunities to explore, learn, grow, and experiment in a school like setting while allowing you ample time to meet your personal homeschool goals. CHEC meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am-3pm operating on three pillars of learning; Fine Arts, Liberal Arts and STEM.  Students wear uniforms both days. The 3 days at home are focused on a math and language arts curriculum that each family chooses or students may attend our Academic program at our CHEC The Center location to complete these. 

1st - 5th graders are split into small class sizes by age group and rotate between 14 classes throughout the two days over the course of the year. What makes CHEC unique is our full theatrical productions that all of our students participate in.They are also given two times each day to be together on our field and playgrounds to use their imagination and build relationships.

Kindergarten classes stay with the same teacher all day and get special times where they visit our Fine Arts teachers for extra fun. They learn from a classically based Christian curriculum including Bible Stories, poetry, math, handwriting, science, classic literature, picture studies, classical music studies and lots and lots of fresh air and playground time together. Kindergarten classes will learn and perform Christmas songs at our Fall Theatrical production.

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Fine Arts Classes

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L.I.F.E in Theatre

Learning Intentional Fun Exercises

Theater has been a part of the education process for thousands of years. Participation in theater improves self esteem, teaches empathy and teamwork, increases academic motivation and performance and above all gives the students the chance to fail, get back up and try again in a safe environment. Our elementary students learn, study all aspects of stage production, costuming, lighting, sound and perform a full Christmas play in the fall session. 

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Students learn the basics of music theory in a fun-filled, yearlong class. They also learn and study classical composers and pieces of classical music to further their appreciation of beautiful music. The class coordinates with calendar holidays and learn the historical songs that we all remember.


Elementary Art 

A study done on Florida students that took in-school arts classes and/or private arts classes throughout their school career showed significantly higher scores on their college placement tests in the verbal and and increased scores on their math. Hundreds, if not thousands, of years of evidence support the link between participating in arts programs and higher academic achievement, deeper appreciation of life, greater capacity to empathize and problem solving abilities. Elementary students take an art class each week .



Once the students have finished their Christmas production their theater class in the spring continues with Improv. Giving the kids the opportunity to explore different techniques of theater such as Storybook Theater, Puppet Theater and Improv games. 


Sport Skills

Remember the good ole’ days in PE where you learned all different sports throughout the year? We have designed our sports program on Mondays to model old school PE classes.  They might play kickball, volleyball, baseball, jump rope, fencing, dance, martial arts, obstacle courses, archery and more.  This is an addition to their lunch break that takes place outside on our playgrounds and field with plenty of free time to run around.

STEM Classes

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Students rotate through different stem topics such as LEGO® Robotics, coding, animation, drones, circuitry and much more. Our hands-on tools make learning playful, engaging and relevant while developing students’ ability for critical thinking, communication and 21st century skills. Using the same programs and technology that are used in schools across the country give our students a competitive edge.

Experiment Based Science 

HighTouch HighTech is a locally owned company that has provided engaging, hands-on science experiments and lessons in Palm Beach County for over 25 years. A team of scientists create a year long program of experiments and teach the subject each week integrating the cycle of science we are studying. Passionate scientists engage the students and foster a love for all science subjects through each weekly experiment. All science costs/materials are included in tuition. There is no homework in this class and parents are free to use a science curriculum at home for older elementary students.



CHEC loves Chess. Whereas most schools with a chess program don't begin until 2nd or 3rd grade, we begin in 1st grade. Children are taught the history, basics and how to play a game without errors and as they improve they are instructed on strategy and algebraic notation. A pastime at CHEC, you will see CHEC kids playing chess together in STEM class, math games, open play days and other down times.  Since the whole school learns how to play together there's never a shortage of other people to play with at any CHEC event.  

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Math Games

Did you know that math games are the equivalent to learning math that books are to learning to read?  A significant portion of a students math education should come in the form of playing math games. We take this off your plate and let the kids do this with their friends in this yearlong class. 10 games according to grade/skill level are introduced and taught throughout the year. Through math games concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, logic, time, money and measurements are reviewed and enforced.

Liberal Arts Classes



Using classic literature, biographies, poetry, excerpts and more, our elementary students study and discuss within their current selectio literary circles. The Socratic method is applied to encourage and foster the love of the written word. 



While history never appears on any college entrance testing, wisdom & virtue is at the top of CHEC's mind to develop in the short time we have our students. Each week in their history class that corresponds with the 4 cycles of CHEC (Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern and Modern), the class will explore the highlights of the era doing shorter unit studies on topics using living books. There is no homework from this class and parents are free to use a history curriculum at home.


Creative Writing

While students will study mechanics of writing during their 4 Arts of Language class during their creative writing class they will write, write, write. Letters, recipes, directions, thank you notes, journaling, prayers, list making, writing to businesses and more. The real world of writing in 15 classes designed to prepare kids for writing they will encounter in their daily lives.

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Foreign Language

In this fun, engaging, conversational class the students are exposed to songs, games, speaking exercises, conversation starters and vocabulary.  Language immersion classes force students to rely on their other senses to understand and communicate. The language taught during immersion class may vary year to year. 


Physical Education

Knowing that physical activity has a positive influence on concentration, academic performance, and classroom behavior, we strive to provide an environment that supports the relationship of physical activity to cognitive development. P.E. includes unstructured free play as well as organized games and sports instruction.

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Cycle A (2024-2025)


Science -  Life Science I - Botany, Zoology, Ecology

Literature - Ancient Literature/Aesop’s Fables

Memory - math, grammar, science, geography, history

History - Ancient


Math - Parents choose a full curriculum for 3 days at home or attend CHEC The Center one day Academic Program.

Language Arts - Parents choose a full curriculum for 3 days at home or attend CHEC The Center one day Academic Program.

Cycle B


Science - Earth Science - Geology, Oceanography, Meteorology, Paleontology

Literature - Medieval Literature  or attend CHEC The Center one day Academic Program.

Memory - math, grammar, science, geography, history

History- Medieval 


Math - Parents choose a full curriculum for 3 days at home or attend CHEC The Center one day Academic Program.

Language Arts - Parents choose a full curriculum for 3 days at home or attend CHEC The Center one day Academic Program.

Cycle C 


Science - Physical Science - Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy

Literature - Early Modern 

Memory - math, grammar, science, geography, history

History -  Early Modern 


Math - Parents choose a full curriculum for 3 days at home or attend CHEC The Center one day Academic Program.

Language Arts - Parents choose a full curriculum for 3 days at home or attend CHEC The Center one day Academic Program.

Cycle D


Science - Life Science II - Genetics, Human Biology

Literature - Modern

Memory - math, grammar, science, geography, history

History -  Modern


Math - Parents choose a full curriculum for 3 days at home or attend CHEC The Center one day Academic Program.

Language Arts - Parents choose a full curriculum for 3 days at home or attend CHEC The Center one day Academic Program.

CHEC Yearly Cycles


Little CHEC'ers Program

While their older siblings are at “school” we provide days/times that little CHEC’ers may choose to stay and play with their family in our great preschool rooms. They can spend time together playing and getting fresh air and, at times, even go on adventures around the school to see their big sisters/brothers in class. 

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