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CHEC Camp @Quantum Martial Arts

These boy and girl only camps will be so much fun for them to do together!   Everyday they will take 2 martial arts classes with Mr. Matt getting to utilize all of his challenging equipment in his studio.  HighTouch HighTech is coming in with a fabulous week of exciting science classes.  Each day will have a theme:  Electricity, Physics, Chemistry, Aviation and they will finish with Fun Friday making their own candy and slushies.  The kids will have a super cool take home creation from science class.  As if that wasn’t enough fun crammed into a day….they will have an “All About Animals” class with several live animals making an appearance for the boys week.  And the girls week, in addition to their martial arts classes and science experiments, will learn several new crafting skills such as The Cricut, crocheting and more. 

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CHEC Camp @Delmar Farm

Delmar Farm is a registered equine sanctuary and animal rescue farm in Loxahatchee and has been in the business of rescuing and providing lifelong homes to animals from all over that have been unwanted for various reasons since 1997.  Claudia owns and runs the farm and shares her passion for animals with children all throughout the year offering many different types of programs.  She believes that creating compassion between children and animals is imperative to securing the protection of animals in the future.   She has designed a 5 day camp specifically for our students that will show them a typical morning on a farm.  They will feed animals, bathe them, clean them and learn about the over 40 animals on the farm.  In addition they will learn how a barn works, what supplies are needed, the costs of caring for animals from a first hand point of view.  Not only will the kids enjoy being in nature with God’s creatures, they will gain a better understanding and appreciation for how much work it takes to care for farm animals.   Ages for this camp are 7-11.

CHEC Camp @That's Dancing

Copy of Kids Summer Camp Poster Flyer Te

Each child will participate in an Acro Intensive class, a Dance Fitness class,  a Dance movement class and a Literary Theater class.   They will have a lunch break and during their lunch break they will learn/practice fun math games like Sudoku, Latin Squares and other logic math puzzles.   They will be physically challenged, mentally challenged and enjoy spending the week with their friends too!

What is Literary Theater from Around the World?   This is a unique Theater class that Miss LA has created JUST for CHEC Summer Camps!  She has combined her own love of beautiful literature with theater and perfectly maximized both experiences in a 1 week class.  In this week long camp the kids will learn a style of theater that originated in Asia called Shadow Puppet Theater.  Miss LA has chosen Tikki Tikki Tembo, a 1968 book based on a Chinese boy and a popular Chinese myth. Each child will receive a brand new book to take home.   They will help create their own puppets (and even get to take some home), they will learn how puppet theater works and about the lighting and process of performing it. They will discuss the story intimately and by Friday perform it in their own shadow puppet theaters.   

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