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Cultivating Excellence, Character and Creativity

CHEC Palm Beach is a  501c3 non profit serving homeschoolers in PB County

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Welcome to CHEC Academy

Founded in 2016 CHEC provides a community of academic excellence for homeschool families in grades K-12. Our part-time programs offer a complete educational experience in a 3 day setting. Families may also choose a 2 day program and supplement at home. Our Fine Arts program includes full theatrical productions, music, art/drawing,  history, science, STEM, literature and core enrichment classes. Our Junior High students participate in their core classes and have a choice of electives. Our High School students begin the Dual Enrollment process and have the opportunity to graduate from high school with their 2 year associates degree and their high school diploma. We are passionate about providing the homeschool community a place where students can spend their school years experiencing similar experiences as a private school, but with the flexibility of a part-time program.

We believe homeschoolers are poised to change the future of our world with their deep-rooted faith, strong family values and zeal for learning. This belief challenges us to provide them the best of both worlds, a part-time learning environment with the benefits of days at home where a family can customize learning to suit individual needs. 

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