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Cultivating Excellence, Ingenuity and Creativity

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Since 2016, CHEC has provided a community of academic excellence to homeschool families.  Our community has evolved to include fine arts, sports and special interest clubs. The passion that drives us is meeting the need in the homeschool community where these students can meet in one place, with the same friends and experience a myriad of activities designed to ignite their own personal interests.   These group learning experiences bestow the students with many life skills that are difficult to acquire in the home environment.  


We believe homeschoolers are poised to change the future of our world with their deep rooted faith, strong family values and zeal for learning.   This belief challenges us daily to provide them the best of both worlds, a 2 day a week school learning environment that elevates a 3 day a week home learning program provided by the family. 

Student Activities


Literature & Writing

Our literature classes include a compilation of classical and modern literature selections. Classes are taught using the Socratic method to explore and analyze books. Weekly writing assignments are based on literature selections.


Physical Education

Knowing that physical activity has a positive influence on concentration, academic performance, and classroom behavior, we strive to provide an environment that supports the relationship of physical activity to cognitive development. P.E. includes unstructured free play as well as organized games and sports instruction.

Academic Games

A series of games designed to excite and measure student knowledge in a variety of themes. By competing against each other, students are encouraged and motivated to sharpen their skills. Academic Games are not only exciting but make learning fun for students, challenging them to use higher-order thinking skills and develop strategy, strength, and poise in applying knowledge.

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Experiment Based Biology

Our STEM classes are taught using a hands-on teaching method that emphasizes exploration and experiment. Weekly reading assignments and homework complement in-class learning.

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